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It's True! It really does take a Village to raise a Business!

Happy Birthday to us - We turned 3 years this month!

I started making Earrings three years ago in October 2015 while I was living in Darwin, Northern Territory. The first year was a write off as I had given birth to my third child and motherhood took up most of my time. I attended local markets occasionally & listed my earrings on Facebook & Ebay, any sales I made went right back into the business buying more supplies.
Two years ago, August 2016 I moved back to Cairns with my family & I vowed that I was going to concentrate on my business. I was extremely motivated to succeed and the last two years have been EPIC!
When I say it takes a village to raise a business it's very true, over the past two years I have worked my arse off and there are so many people, businesses & organisations to thank. I'm going to take you behind the scenes & show you all the things I have done to get where I am today.

I joined Networking Groups!

These groups have been established by wonderful Women in our community who are very inspirational & extremely giving of their time to help fellow business owners.
Special thanks to Kristy Vallely & Renee Gibbs Demowski founders of She Means Business, Abi Gardiner founder of Mums On The Go Business Network Inc., Jodi Allen founder of Trading Mates, Julianne Steer President of the Cairns Business Women's Club. Thanks to their Committees/Teams who are all behind the scenes helping them!
I have attended these Networking Groups for breakfasts, lunches and dinners which have been fun & I have met a lot of wonderful people.
These Networking groups have put on Workshops, invited Guest Speakers to inform & educate us, they have organised Pop-Up Markets, put on Fashion Parades which I had models rocking my Earrings down the Red Carpet. The opportunities I have been given by these Networking groups have been outstanding & I am so grateful.

I invested in myself!

This was a very big one & extremely important decision I made for myself, the only way to grow it is to become educated. So I went along to the above Networking Groups, attending their workshops, listened to Guest Speakers & gained a whole lot of knowledge! I watched Webinars, YouTube Tutorials and I also participated in the Tropical North Queensland (TNQ) Tourism Small Business Development Program & went along to The Space. This is where I really excelled, the workshops & mentors I met with got me up to speed on what I needed to be doing to succeed in the business world. Special thanks to Kelsey Anderson - TTNQ, Troy - The Space & the following Mentors & Guest Speakers: 

Steve Baxter - Entrepreneur, 
Patrice Brown - Entrepreneur
Stephen Phillips - We are Hunted, 
Lucas Patchett - Orange Sky Laundry, 
Sarah Davies -Visual Merchandise Guru, Denae Jones - Denae Jones Consulting,
Philip Warring - Phlipvids,
Daniel Lyngcoln - Brandtree Creative,
Michael Nelson - Pinnacle Tourism Marketing, 
Jack Delosa - Founder & CEO of The Entourage,
Michelle Bridges - Founder of 12WBT,
Alex Tomic & Nik Mirkovic - Founders of HiSmile,
Tristan White - Founder & CEO of The Physio Co,
Petar Lackovic - Sales Psychology Expert,
The Entourage, 
Andrea Tunjic - The Lemonade Cure,
Carly Grossek - Cinderella Stories,
Gerlinda Stella - Gerlinda Personal Stylist/The Cairns Eye Fashion Editor,
Jules Steer - Oasis Magazine,
Chris - Precedence, 
Bob Cobavie & Amy Turnbull,
Rachel Wilson - The Dirty Apron,
Lisa Monks - ChipMonk Media,
Renee Gibbs Dembowski - Social Butterfly Marketing,
Rachel Wastel - Miss Wastell Conversational Marketing just to name a few!

I revamped my branding

First Impressions Count, if you want to be the best you have to look the best. I revamped my logo, got professional images taken with my gorgeous models, I got new banners & props for my Market Stall and I also created a Website! Having a Website is crucial for a small business, if you don't have one - GET ON IT!
I was able to triple my income on this alone!

I attended Markets & Pop-Up Events

Attending local markets & pop-up events is one of the biggest, challenging & exhausting things for a business to do. It's Epic setting up a Market Stall every weekend, with early mornings, long days & weekends away from the family, such a huge sacrifice! But it's crucial for a Start-up Business to be out there & engaging with the public. It's important to test the market & see how the public responds to your product before taking any further action.
I've attended the following Markets:
The Esplanade Markets,
Tanks Markets,
The Handmade Expo,
Palm Cove Markets,
Mareeba Markets,
Tolga Markets,
Malanda Markets,
Koah Markets,
Kuranda Markets,
Cruise Liner Markets,
Yungaburra Markets,
Rotary FNQ Field Day,
Carnival on Collins.
I have poped-up at:
Mums On The Go Christmas Market,
Trading Mates - Trade Table Nights,
Trinity Beach Community Kindy Market Night, Yorkey's Knob State School Fete,
JCU Open Day,
PacMag Family Expo,
Pregnancy and Baby Expo &
Freshwater Women's Event.
We have poped up at Stocklands Shopping Centre!

I hired Casual & Permanent Staff

I couldn't have done it without the HUGE team who have helped here at HQ, from setting up the Market Stalls, Selling and helped behind the scenes in the workshop with all the logistics. Thanks to Mary, Gillian, Shana, Corinne, Karen, Connor, Vicki, Greg, Matthew, Amy & Jake!

Stockists have come on board!

To have other Stockists come to you wanting to stock your brand is such an amazing thing to happen! Almost all of my Stockists got in touch with me, I haven't even hit the road to get Stockists yet. A special thanks to:

Collaborations with fellow Businesses 

When businesses come together great things can happen, whether it's passing on scrap fabrics to putting each others products together to take photo collaborations or shouting out for you. It's been so wonderful to have the following brands to Collaborate with:
Baby Botique,
Corinne Johnson,
Pippin Dolls Wardrobe,
Arch and Aya,
Maria's Buzz Wraps,
Slightly Shirtee just to name a few.

Mentors, Inspirational & Supportive Fellow Business Owners

These are the people behind the scenes who have given so much value, mentoring, educating, inspiring me, supporting me -giving me suggestions & ideas. Many who have become great friends, always giving an ear to listen, they offer advice & even give hugs when needed. I've been given huge opportunities! Thank you to:
Gerlinda Stella - Gerlinda Personal Stylist/Fashion Editor Cairns Eye,
Kristy Valelly - Imperfect Mum,
Lainie Poon - Kelly Wealth Service,
Una Hicks - My Life Insurance,
Lesley Van Staveren CBWC Business Woman of the Year 2017/The Social Effect,
Jules Steer - Oasis Magazine,
Sabine - Spa In A Jar
Jenn Habgood - Tully & The Chief,
Danielle Sheree Betts - Bandits & Bambinas, Jan & Maris - Driftwood Art & Home Decor, Mike - Misty Mountains,
Trevor Brodie - The Iron Bark Gallery,
Heather & Adrian McCoy- Frantik Designs, Nikelle -Timber & Cotton,
Cindy Stevenson Nwachukwu- Mama & Boo, Belinda Ransom - Allebasi Toys,
Jamie-Lee Hogan - Teeze Cakes,
Helen Bairstow - Joy Spinkler,

I have Sponsored Businesses, Organisations & Events

It's wonderful to give back! When you have been given so much, naturally you want to give back and I have Sponsored & Given Away tones of products to the following:
Kelly Wealth Services,
Oz Tag,
Relay for Life,
Cancer Council,
Edge Hill State School,
Event Cinemas Chicks At The Flicks,
Cairns Business Women's Club,
Trading Mates,
Trinity Beach Kindy,
Mums On The Go Business Network,
She Means Business,
Gerlinda Personal Stylist,
Babes & Picnis,
Chat & Play

Ambassadors, Brand Reps & Our Models

I have a HUGE following but it's thanks to several BIG FANS who have become Ambassadors for our brand, these wonderful people love our brand so much that they wear our earrings & SHARE with their friends all about our brand and send in photos. They go that extra mile, over & beyond expectations to HELP our brand succeed! 
We also have our gorgeous models who have walked the red carpet at Fashion Parades rocking our Earrings on their lobes & who come along to our photo shoots - these Women are the Face of our Brand!
Thank you to our Fans, Ambassadors, Band Reps & Models:
Kasey-Rae Price,
Chrystal Burgher,
Jannelle Robyn,
Hannah Pearce,
Corinne & Elliot Johnson,
Emily Galea,
Kristy Cummings,
Andrea Ambrosio,
Corynne Nykvist,
Shana Vievers,
Shaunte & Kailee Francis,
My sisters Charlene Ericson & Annette Price, Mercedes Stella,
Adele Aloia,
Nicola & Emily Jennings,
Renee Portelli,
Maria Koko Designs,
Sarah Palmer,
Rebecca Conlan,
Jojo Barnes,
Keesha McLean,
Peta Cooke,
Noelle Halpin,
Holly Oosen,
Grace Jones,
Sarah Sexton,
Lesely Van Stavern,
Liz Richards,
Jo Piggot,
Meaghan Confait,
Kristy Vallely,
Gerlinda Stella

I've Hired the services of Professionals!

When your business grows and you can't keep up with everything, it's time to hire professionals. This has been fantastic, as most of these things I hated doing & now that I was earning more income I could afford to do this. There are so so many to name!
Rachel - Impress Arts - who does majority of my graphics,
Rose Torrisi Photography & Veronica from Blue Click Photography for professional business photos,
Cairns Plan Printing & Cardzilla for professional printing,
Rachel - Miss Wastell who handled all my Tech stuff,
Jayme - Grant Thornton - my mentor Accountant,
Michael - Pinacle Tourism Marketing - helped with my game plan,
Yi who has helped with my Pinterest & other Social Media Chanel's,
Juliette - my editor who cleans up my work from time to time.
I also updated my bookkeeping to XERO - oh how this has changed my life! Now that I'm registered for GST, this step has been vital!


My customers I thank you all so very much, because without you - simply put I would not have a business. You keep asking for more, I listen & just keep making. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!
Concentrating on keeping my customers happy is #1 Priority, offering top notch customer service & delivering on promises is most important. 


I wish you much success, I know the hard work that goes on behind the scenes & 100% respect to you for giving it a crack! Hopefully you can get something out of this blog too.