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The Nason Family

The Nason Family 

Things have changed here at ANason's Creations and we think it's for the better. We used to be know as the fastest-growing handcrafted earring business in Australia, established back in 2014.

Now days things are very different especially after covid-19 hit our shores. April 2020 seen our market stalls halt to a very fast stop! We had all our local markets cancelled, all our stockists were classed as non-essential businesses and the majority of them could not recover after that. No shoppers = no business = devastation.

Lucky for us we had our already established website that was able to continue to operate and make sales. What did most people do whilst locked down at home - well online shopping of course. No one had anywhere to go with their pretty earrings but they could still shop and get the pleasure of seeing the Postie turn up with their pretties.

We have settled down into our new normal and operate 100% online. We have re-assed everything here, we no longer work at a fast pace. We take our time in our workshop making by hand and then packaging & sending our jewellery across the country.

We are a family of makers - myself Angela Nason makes the earrings, our 13 year old son Matthew makes the lanyards, our 9 year old daughter Amy makes the necklaces & our 6 year old son Jake is still in the developing stages of the making process. My Husband Greg does a lot of the metal grinding and timber making.

We don't sell FAST FASHION anymore, more time & care is put into the making process so that your earrings will last a life time - these earrings can be passed onto your family members.

It will take a little time for your orders to arrive as we only post once a week and not every day like we used to. We promise that your handcrafted jewellery will be worth the wait.

Thank you & enjoy our creations.